Membership Facts:

Sherwood Town Criers currently has 15 active members.  Our club is International!  The majority of our club members reside in Sherwood and its surrounding communities, but we also have members who live in Peru and Turkey.  We welcome all nationalities and would be honored to have you as a guest before committing to our Sherwood Town Criers club.

Membership Dues:
New Member fee – $20
Semi Annual dues   – $45

We have temporarily suspended our standard $1/month local dues at least until we can meet in person again.

Credit cards are now accepted for payment for international members, with all payments being processed online by Toastmasters International. Local members may pay by cash or check (delivered to our Treasurer).

For questions about membership, please go to our Contact Us page and our Vice President of Membership will contact you.

If you are interested in membership, below is our Membership Application. The form can be filled on your computer.

800-Membership Application