The Toastmasters Team

The success of a Toastmasters club depends greatly on the members’ ability to function as a team. Members of the Toastmasters club practice coordinating and functioning as a team both within club meetings and for coordinating the activities of the club. These skills are valuable both within and outside the Toastmasters environment.

During club meetings a team of 8-10 people must coordinate to create a well-organized, cohesive and positive environment. The meeting roles include:

  • Invocation / Prayer / Thought of the Day – This person starts the meeting off right!
  • Toastmaster – This person acts as the master of ceremonies for the meeting, introducing participants and smoothing transitions between participants.
  • Grammarian – This person listens to language usage to call attention to great words and impactful phrases – as well as tracking unwanted filler words and noises which we seek to eliminate.
  • Timer – This person times speakers and evaluators, giving visual cues that facilitate keeping presentations within scheduled time limits and reporting the final times of each participant.
  • Prepared Speaker – Typically two prepared speeches are scheduled per meeting, usually with a speech length of 5-7 minutes.
  • Table Topics Master – This person leads the “impromptu” speaking portion of the meeting. Asks questions of participants, allowing 1-2 minutes for unrehearsed responses.
  • General Evaluator – This person coordinates and introduces the evaluation team, including the speech evaluator(s), grammarian, and timer.
  • Speech Evaluator – This person provides feedback for a prepared speech including praise for things done well and opportunities for future improvement.

The club leadership team consists of 7 club officers as follows:

  • President – Head of the Executive Committee, presides over each meeting
  • VP Education – Schedules club members for meeting roles, runs the club’s mentorship program
  • VP Membership – Develops and implements a club recruitment strategy, assists guests with membership applications
  • VP Public Relations – Maintains the club website, promotes and publicizes the activities of the club to the community
  • Treasurer – Prepares the club budget, manages club expenses, collects dues payments from members
  • Secretary – Maintains minutes for club and executive committee meetings, assists in maintaining the club website
  • Sergeant at Arms – Sets up the meeting room in advance of meetings, greets members and guests on arrival, maintains order during meetings

A more detailed description of the club officer roles and responsibilities can be found in the Club Leadership Handbook.