Table Topics

Table Topics is the portion of our meeting when members and guests can practice speaking in a short format with no advance preparation. This activity follows immediately after the prepared speeches.

When the Table Topics Master takes control of the meeting, they will invite participants to respond to a question or prompt with a short speech of 1-2 minutes. The topics/prompts often are related to the theme of the meeting, but can be about any topic. Members are encouraged to respond to the prompt with a clear and logical speech containing an opening, supporting body and conclusion. Guests may choose to introduce themselves to the group and explain their interest in Toastmasters in lieu of responding to the prompt. Guests may also choose not to participate if they do not yet feel ready to speak in front of the group.

While each Table Topics speech is given, a member will act as the Timer, providing cues to the speaker to let them know when the minimum time of 1 minute has been reached (green), the middle of the allotted time has elapsed (yellow), and the maximum time has been reached (red). These timing cues help participants to stay within the 1-2 minute guidelines.